Transitional Care Navigation

Having a loved one in the hospital, or being in the hospital yourself, can be overwhelming.  Often times there are unfamiliar providers and specialists seeing you and making decisions about your health.  Your medications can get stopped or changed and new medications can get started.   Our nurses will work with the hospital discharge team to ensure a safe transition to home.  Once home, the nurse can review your discharge plan and medications and answer any questions you have.  TruCare Connect can help facilitate any follow up appointments you may need and ensure each member of your health care team is on the same page.

Continuity Navigation

It is enough to deal with multiple visits to the doctor, keeping all of your medications straight and making sure that your health care providers know what the other is doing.  With Continuity Management, you will have access to a local registered nurse who will advocate on your behalf, helping you navigate the health care system, manage your medications and keep each of your health care providers informed to your current status. Our skilled nurses are able to assess for any needs you may have and connect you with community resources.