• Beth McCauley

Why Continuity Matters

The definition of continuity is ‘the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time’. So, why Continuity Navigation? The reality is that our health, good or bad, affects us daily and continues over the course of our life. As it does, we are forced at different points in our life to use the broken and inconsistent healthcare system. It might be that you have multiple providers who are not all in the same system, or who are still using paper charts! One provider changes a medication; the other provider is unaware and might be considering starting you on another medication that could interact with the first. What seems like a simple change could have potentially damaging side effects.

When you have someone who can advocate for your needs through the maze of multiple providers or being in the hospital, it removes the burden that is placed on family or friends to “figure it out”. Someone told me just the other day, in regards to her mother’s rapidly failing health and wondering if she is doing right by her mom when moving her into a group home, “we are spinning our wheels and need guidance.” Even though this woman has great family support and it was obvious they were doing what they felt best for their mom in the long run, this woman still expressed doubt and desperately needed someone to help fix what felt broken.

When you can call someone because they know you’ll listen, and that same someone will help you find an answer, it’s a relief to know there is at least one person that has your back and is helping put the pieces together. There is a peace that comes with consistency, knowing you have an advocate that has lived and breathed the broken healthcare system and understands it well.

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