• Beth McCauley

This might be a weird question, but...

I’m a nurse, and once you become a nurse, you get asked a lot of questions about a lot of different things. ‘Can you look at this cut on my finger that the skin is turning white around? I missed a dose of my medication, what should I do? Are these symptoms normal?’

People will often start with “This might be weird, but…” or “This is probably a stupid question, but…”. It’s not, and I have never minded answering those questions. I’m a nurse! It’s not weird or stupid. I will always do my best to answer those questions. Sometimes I can’t, but that’s the beauty of being a nurse; you know when someone should probably go seek care from his or her doctor, an urgent care, or even the Emergency Room.

Do you know when it’s ok to wait and see your doctor, or when you might need more urgent or emergent care? Your doctor can see you for things like routine check ups, colds, immunizations, and helping you manage chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. If you have a sprain, fever or think you might have a urinary tract infection and cannot get in with your doctor, then an urgent care might be the place to go. A lot of times, they can do x-ray’s and blood tests that can at least rule out anything worse going on. If they can’t handle it there, then they’ll send you on to the ER.

I don’t know if you have been to an Emergency Room lately, but at least where I live, they are inundated and overwhelmed with all kinds of people seeking care. Unfortunately, not all those people need emergent care. A good question to ask yourself before going to the ER is “is this an emergency or can it wait until tomorrow”. Think brain (vision change, speech problems, balance issues), heart (chest pain or pressure, shortness of breath), lungs (shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or blue skin), or body (blunt trauma, broken bone, or uncontrolled bleeding). These are just a few of the things that warrant a trip to the ER.

With TruCare Connect, you have a nurse just a phone call away to ask those “can it wait”, “is it urgent or emergent”, or simply “what should I do” questions. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me and I don’t mind you asking.

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