• Beth McCauley

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...Or Maybe You Don't Have Too

When it comes to our health, more often than not, we feel like we are rowing our own boat. We can see our health care providers in their own boat across the lake, and they may even be rowing in the same direction. There is some relief they appear to be rowing the same way, but we wish they were in our boat helping us row. Instead, we keep going, exhausted, hoping we end up in the same place.

This is why Continuity Navigation is so important. From a nurse’s standpoint, continuity is a process that MUST involve the patient and all members of the health care team. This can include a lot of different providers in a lot of different boats. Between someone’s primary care provider, specialists and the hospitals, communication and consistency are vital. Having everyone in the same boat, on the same page is important for multiple reasons: 1) continuity allows care to be done in a timelier manner, 2) it improves relationships between patients and their care team, and 3) the care provided is more effective and results in better outcomes.

With TruCare Connect, our nurses are not only in your boat taking up the oars, but ensure every member of the care team is in the same boat helping you row. You can row if you want (sometimes you will need to take the oars to head in a certain direction with your health); Continuity Navigation allows you to take a break, catch your breath, and rest. You can know without a shadow of a doubt that everyone is rowing the same direction with the same goal in mind.

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