• Beth McCauley

Meds Made Easy

In follow up to our blog last week on the Medication Language, it’s not only important making sure you can understand your medications, but it makes no difference understanding them if they are not taken correctly or not taken at all. As people age and health issues arise, it is likely that more complex medications will be prescribed to help managed existing conditions and help prevent new ones from developing. Of course this varies person-to-person depending on family and medical history, number of hospitalizations and will even vary between different chronic conditions. The more medications that get added to your daily routine, the harder it can be to keep track of them all. (I have a hard enough time keeping track of a 2 or 4 times daily antibiotic for my three year old)!

Pill boxes are one way to simplify your medications and helps keep track of them. Some medications need to be taken four times daily where others are only once or maybe twice per day. A pill box can make it easier to remember if you’ve taken your medications throughout the day. Another easy way to help yourself remember your medications is by setting an alarm for yourself when they are due. There is a great article I came across recently from Community Home Health Care with some tips on how to better manage your medications.

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