• Beth McCauley

Climbing a Wall

Have you ever tried so hard to make something happen, but you hit roadblock after roadblock. Or perhaps it wasn’t even a roadblock; maybe it was a solid brick wall. I’ve been there, both personally and in my career as a nurse. It can be exhausting and downright discouraging. Thinking back to those challenges and obstacles, I realize those experiences gave me the ability to be the advocate that I want to be for others. It is in my nature not to take ‘no’ for an answer.

The word advocate comes from the Latin ‘advocatus’ meaning, “one called to aid”. I believe I am called to help others who are struggling through the maze of healthcare. There are many roadblocks and even a few brick walls that people run into every day when it comes to their health. When you have someone who is on your side, an advocate, it makes it a lot easier, or at least a little less stressful, to look up at the brick wall before you and realize there is an outstretched hand ready to help you climb over and keep going.

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